Friday, August 1, 2008

Little Kitten Pictures I Swear!!

Lol ok so maybe my recent post on Infant Death was wayyy too morbid and morose for most. So I want you to see my kitten pics. NOoo I'm not selling out! Or being trite.
I really Did take these kitten pics!

Ok so here's the scoop. Our neighbors Very nicely let us come over and swim in their lovely in ground pool whenEver we want. Today we wanted too..and when we arrived she told us about the 2 kittens that one of her boarders brought home. Apparently she found them sitting by the side of the road. Awww I hear ya! These are the most lovely friendly adorable balls of fluff I've seen in Eons. Well besides my Elvis and Sassy that is~
..and No they do Not know I was cooing and swooning over these little ones. Ahem.
Ok so back to the story. I have my new camera which Thankfully I had brought with me to take some swimming photo's. These kittens are Not fural, they def. have been brought up with people. They aren't even afraid of the dogs...

So without further adeu, here are some sweet little kitty pictures. I hope my photography bloggin friends jump in and offer Any and all suggestions. Thanks guys. Stay cool..its HOT out there!


Jody said...

Hubby told me kittys have disapeared from the neighbors barn.
I hope nothing "got" them..

Anonymous said...

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