Saturday, July 26, 2008

Down the Shore!

Well I just returned from a lovely day at the beach. Yeah we went "down the shore". Hubbys son is here for a month visit from wales, and so we decided today was the perfect day to go for a swim. What a day!! Sunny with a coolish breeze. I swam myself silly with my boogy board. I love doing that lol. I'm NOT one of those mom types who don't like to get wet but just sit and spray water over thier body. I love the sun sand and sea. Yeah I use sunscreen. Factor 40 on the bod and 70 on the face =)
Then we took a boardwalk stroll, hit the Salt Water Taffy place, stopped in the Boardwalk bookstore and bought a cool novel, then stopped for some yummy pizza.
We're home now and I've washed the seawater out of my hair. Guess we're going food shopping tonight cause they're Nothin in the Fridge!! Soooo I wanted to just share a few pics and drop a note here. Oh we'll have more days at the shore. Its only a little over an hour away from us. And a nice drive.

LOL and we got past the beach patrol peeps without buying a ticket again LOL.
Yeah anther story for another day =)

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Sweet Girl =)

Heres a digital scrapbook layout I did last week. I think I caught such a cute pic of Hailey that I thought I'd share. I now want a GOOD camera lol.

Screaming Cervix's and Natural Childbirthing!!!

Well let me tell ya. Last night went by in a flash! I had 3 deliverys during my 8hr shift! And au Natural~

I've actually volenteered to take All or Any of the moms doing the natural route. Because most of my coworkers think they're Umm..more work? I don't know where they get That idea do you? But since its how I had my children I feel good about encouraging moms and helping them "do it".
Of course these moms last night were Not the typical run of the mill "I want to do whats best for my baby" kind of moms. Ohhhh Nooo!! Here is a rundown of their storys.

1. Mom who came into Triage in active labor. NO prenatal care..drug abuser..and you knlow how I feel about That!! She insisted on getting up to the bathroom (some silly nurse actually said Yes to that!) and on the way back to bed started clutching her woohoo and saying "The babys heads coming outttt!!". Well we tossed her on the triage streacher and voila. Baby girl came flying out promptly. Mind you, she was 20yrs old and G5P4!! Meaning this was her 5th baby!!! OMG I kid you Not! Baby is covered in heavy meconium and goes to NICU. Natural Childbirth~

2. Mom came into Triage in full blown labor. Triage nurse called to ask if I could come get her for the floor as transport was slow.She was 1-2cms. So I jump on the elevator and show up. She's really uncomfortable..huffing and blowing and moaning. Luckily the transport boy showed up at the same time I did. I suck at driving streachers LOL. We made it into our L&D room. I checked her. 7-8cms! "OooOOoo" is how she sounded. Yeah you get the picture. Our fav resident was actually sitting at the desk. I looked at her and told her Not to go far lol. Doc was on his way in after I called..but I had little doubt that he would miss his delivery. 4th yr resident shows up and exams pt. Then breaks her bulging bag. You know what happens next. Yip!! 2 pushes and baby boy falls Out! Natural Childbirth~

3. After a small break the charge nurse comes to me and tells me she needs me to go into another room and take the pt. This pt. was G1P0 and a mom who was OFF the HOOK!! Off her head! They had thrown the previous nurse AND the anesthiologist out of the room. The mother hadn't liked their "treatment" of their daughter for some weird reason. Now mind you we have one Anest Doc on to do epidurals. So that signed her papers for a natural delivery lol. I go in, introduce myself and we take a look at her perineum as she's screaming "The babys heads comingggggg!!!" Well she Was right lol. Hair was showing. So the Doc shows up and we push. 5 mins of pushing and this young girl delivers her beautiful baby girl. Really pretty baby. Natural Childbirth.

So needless to say, my night flew. lol.

I Love Natural Childbirth =)

Hmm to Share or Not to Share?

....that is the question. As I ponder and write these blog entrys I wonder if I would be as free with my thoughts and thinking and BLOGGING if all my friends, coworkers and family frequented my blog. Now I guess thats what I'm really asking you guys. Do you tell all your email buddys about your blogging escapades? Or do you keep it open to the Blog world and a few close friends.

I write a bit about my work, and so as not to alienate my coworkers; I don't tell them about my blog. I don't think I could be as free with my posting. I would not be able to vent, or say as much as I want to. I would feel as if I was breaking some weird kind of trust or secret society LOL.

Do you understand where I'm coming from??? I wonder...

Maybe it just depends on the type of blog you have? If you only write about yourself, maybe its not an issue. I'd love to hear how you all handle this. And for the time being; I stay somewhat annoymous =)

Please share your thoughts with me!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Birth of a Surgeon - Emilia Cumbane, Midwive

Amazing video about Childbirth in poverty stricken countrys and the program to help mothers deliver their infants safer. This is so amazing. I mean Omgosh amazing~!! Watch it. Please..take the time. This is very powerful..

"With more than half a million women dying in pregnancy or childbirth worldwide, Mozambique’s surgical training programs are being hailed as a model solution in confronting the maternal health crisis facing developing countries. The film captures one woman’s story on the frontlines of improving maternal mortality but it also demonstrates how low-cost, community-based health initiatives are changing the face of public health in Africa.

The film Birth of a Surgeon follows Emilia Cumbane, one of the first midwives-in-training. She performs Cesareans and hysterectomies in makeshift operating rooms in rural Mozambique. We follow Cumbane from her home in the Mozambican capital Maputo, into intensive medical classes, through night shifts in the delivery wards, and watch as she fights for recognition of her surgical competence."

Birth Of A Surgeon


Hey what can I say! In my job there are some Flat out Hiliarous moments. Sometimes I wish I just had a little pad in my pocket to write them all down lol. And I don't know if they're funny to Regular peeps or just nurses. We'll see!

CSection at 3am. Tense moments obviously as its a STAT. That being said that means everyone runs around like fiends and the mom gets "cut" (the word commonly used by L&D peeps for Csection).

Fellow nurse is the Circulator. Fellow doc says to fellow nurse, "Erm you need to get me 1000mg of Cytotec".

So now we think we're going in the land of VeeJayJay and inserting said medication to help bleeding stop. At least...thats what she thought!!


Fellow doc says to insert Cytotect PER RECTUM!!! Aghhhh I didn't even Know that was an option! *sigh* Now I know.

And NO it was Not me in that OR. Just so ya know.

Ok fellow nurse is telling us that she had to go under the blue drapes and find the pathway. You get my drift yet? Mom is flat out on her back with a spinal. There is Nooo moving this momma. Sterility Must not be comprised =). Nurse must carefully duck under the sterile drap without touching the docs or the field and INSERT 5 small pills in this moms rectum!! Aghhhhh. This IS going to be my nursing nightmare. I say, "So how did you find *ahem* the back door?"

She said, and I quote, "I found her VJJ and headed south. Pills deposited and I got the hell outta Dodge LOL".

Ok now I'm really curious. I'm even thinking out loud. How the heck?? Hey YOU lay on your back and see if You could insert anything in your buttholian without lifting your hips. LOL go on I dare ya!

Well L*****, all I can say is my hats off to ya. You did it! Super Nurse! Nurse of the day! Etc etc.

I announce that when I go home I'm going to see if I can reach *that place* while laying on my back LOL. I don't think its feasable! No I haven't done it. Yet =)~

Fellow nurse then tops herself off with humor as she keeps referring to herself the rest of the shift to us as "The Sodomizer". LOL!

You gotta love it. I'm back to work tonight for an 8hr shift. I wonder what fun will be shared tonight!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Smoking the Weed in Pregnancy =/

Ok I annoyed. Really annoyed. I circulated for a moms Csection early this am. Nurse gave me report and noted mom admitted to Pot smoking as recent as one week ago. One Week Ago!!!! She willingly and knowinly subjected Her baby to pot. I don't get it!!! How Stupid can you be? Gosh!
As a L&D nurse I can tell you I bond with my moms during labor. I feel close to them and encourage and support them in their labor plans.

But moms like this get a diffeant approach from me. Oh I do my job...and do it well. But I have no emotional tie to the mom. I just do the job. I lavish joy on that sweet baby when its born, but I feel contempt for the mother deep in my heart. They don't know. I don't show it. But I just can't get all warm feeling about mothers who abuse their children like that. Anyone else feel like me? It makes me sick to my stomach....

Wow at this Purple!!

A photo of my purple morning glorys. They are Deeep purple. I love em! So I thought I'd share before I pop my wearing Behind in bed. Whew. Work last night. Another post for another time..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jessica Alba and her Hypno Birth!

Just wanted to share a bit about this "little told" news that it IS possible to have a relaxed inspiring controlled birth. Jessica Alba took control of her babys birth via the Hyponobirthing Method. I have to say I had to read up on this subject a bit. All I know about the new phenom is thru my work. And since its a hospital and Very interventionally burdened..I only hear things like this. "LOL she's going to try this Hypnobirthing thing. LOL wait til the contractions hit her LOL".
Rude huh? Ignorant too. But I keep my mouthie shut. I'm still new at this birthing job and I'm sucking in all the knowledge I can. This is my profession for the rest of my nursing career. But most woman today just don't seem to think it's possible to birth without an epidural. So to hear Jessica Alba's words about her soothing birth brought a smile to my heart. This is what she shared with OK magazine...

-Preparing for the birth of your first child can be nerve-wracking for any new mom, but for Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren, the birth of their daughter Honor Marie Warren on June 7 was anything but chaotic.
"I didn't scream," Jessica tells OK! in an exclusive interview and photoshoot. "It was really Zen." And Cash could only marvel at his wife's quiet strength when she gave birth. "She didn't make a sound," he says. "It was amazing."

Here, the proud pair open their door exclusively to OK!, introducing the adorable Honor Marie Warren."It hasn't totally sunk in," Jessica reveals to OK!. "She dreams, she smiles, and coos and does all these things, but she hasn't seen enough of the world yet to understand any of that stuff. So I still feel like she's connected to the other world, or something. There's no other way to explain it. It's a miracle."

The Love Guru star tells OK! that she had natural birth. "The labor was more like meditation," she says. "I did yoga breathing. I was focused."

Monday, July 21, 2008

How and Why I Began Blogging...

I've always loved the internet. I remember life without the net LOL. Seriously! So when we got our first PC back in the erh* was it the 80's?, I dug around in it. I found something called Chatting. I thought, hey lets give it a whirl! I mean lets at least peek in! I found a place called Excite. I poked around the rooms and eventually settled in a room called Christian Chat. There I stayed...for about 10 yrs! I made some lifelong friends during that time, and continue to talk and email ect with them. I don't chat anymore. It takes longggg snippets of time. I have short snippets for the most part =)
I also met my husband in that chat room. A handsome endearing exciting and mysterious Welshman. We are still in the midst of immigration and THAT my'dears is another blog post Altogether hehe!!
So I love meeting people from all over the country and world. I love talking! Can you tell? I love people. It's the reason I became a nurse. And so..from chatting to blogging. A natural progression!!
Now my goal is to be a Great blogger!! I want the best looking and readable blog ever! So time will tell... =)
Now off to get the oil checked in my VW!! Chow~

Twitter Continued..

Ok so Next Question..and thank you for the help received so far =) Truly! I notice there are two options. Phone number or IM program. What does that mean IM program. Yahoo Messanger? Windows Live Messanger? I'm thinking if you follow via your phone it would be Constantly beeping LOL. Yes? Help me decide whats best..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Twitter DumbA** here!!

Ok so I'm a bit frustrated. LOL true. I consider myself a bit of a PC geek, and all in a good way. I have been on the net since the net was Born; yet I can't figure out this Twitter stuff. Yeah its cool. I know that much. Yeah its a way to keep in touch with your fellow bloggers. True. But how does it work and what does it DO?? I am pulling my blonde/red hair out here. I even twitted (correct term??) Auds. My buddy. My friend. Well I clicked on something and it said it worked. I truly have no idea lol. Ok so before I give UP this me. Someone. Somewhere. Give a chat sister a virtual hand here. Please. I will forever be in your debt. Figurratively speaking anyhow haha!