Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July


Ok so I'm off today. Yeah!! I know. If I was working it would be time and a half, but honestly? I'm very happy to be home, going to a cookout and then in bed at NIGHT! Being a night worker makes me very happy about sleeping in the dark lol.
Hey enjoy the day!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Dang but I'm tired. Worked a 12 hr shift last night. Help birth a baby at 6:10am. So I'm off for a nap. I'm off tonight but I'll just DIE if I don't lay down for a bit.
Anyone else work nights? Understand me?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well you nurses know just exactly what an IUFD is. Sigh. But this website I saw at work last night is so moving I just had to share. Beware for non-nurses. This is a website about saving the precious moments by photography when your infant dies in the womb or shortly afterwards. It's very powerful, but made me feel a bit stronger about that aspect of my job. I have to take these photo's myself and this website validates what I have to do.

Last Night..

Well let me share a bit about my shift last night. And noo don't worry. No names will be named!
I had two really nice births. One at 7pm when I first got to work. I walked in the room and the day nurse had just started pushing with mom. So she gave me report and I took over. I'm so glad BTW to be off orientation. (did I mention I'm new at this and only a month old on my own?) I think I am learning more now by having to figure out situations on my own. Oh there are loads of peeps to help me when I need it. Some of my coworkers have worked L&D for over 25 yrs. Whew! Amazing!
So anyway it was an uncomplicated delivery with a sweet baby girl for the reward. Mom did really well, even with her mother and MIL laughing at her side about their labors and "how you won't remember this pain haha". I thought. Shesh. This isn't the time. Mom had some difficulty nursing. Baby didn't have a good latch. But I gave a heads up to the postpartum floor and they would have the Lactation consultant see her in the am.
Next I had a lovely young ladie having her second baby. She was admitted thru our Triage about 3am. 3 cms. Wanted an epidural. LOL oh thats a post for another day. The epidural at 3cms. I must of been superwoman myself lol. Ok another day. Back to my delivery. She went to sleep after the epi and I left her rest, checking in occasionally to make sure they were ok, and doing my strip checks q15min watching the baby closely. At 6:30am, the doctor said to me "Lets do a trial push". I went in to see Mom and she woke up and said she felt like she had to "poop". Sorry folks but thats the terminology of the day for rectal pressure. I said "Great! Time for a baby!" Well about 8 pushes later her darling little girl appeared. This girl pushed with ease and did so so efficiently! The dad cried. I love it when dads cry. It really makes my day. Ok so what great timing this birth was! My relief came in and I reported off. Finished the paperwork, gave the Motrin, did a belly check and congratulated the teary couple. She nursed her baby within 20 mins. of birth. Good job mom! I love my job =)

My first post

Lol I know it sounds just ridiculous, but this IS my first post! Ok so I'm going to give the blogging world a go. I don't think I'm very good at writing or expressing really, but I'm willing to try! Let me tell you a bit about myself and my life =)

I'm an RN working for the first time in the job of my life. Labor and Delivery. Omg I love it! I actually look forward to my shifts and what they'll bring. I've been an LPN for over 30 years and went back to college 2 years ago to get my degree and pass my boards. Then I set my sights on the job I wanted. I worked for 7 months on a typical MedSurg floor then started emailing OB managers. I was offered a job in L&D (as they call it) and have just finished my first month off orientation. I thought it might be interesting to chronicle some of my experiences at work.

But I'm more than a nurse.

So the blog won't be just about work but about me! I have always loved crafting and doing digital work on the PC. So it makes sense that my newest love is Digital Scrapbooking! Love love Love it!

I also play the violin and have done so since the 4th *cough* grade. Yeah I'm a fiddler! I really need to get back to playing again.

I am married to the most wonderful loving man who brings light into my life. Anthony. From Wales. Yeah he has a sexy accent =)~ And most of all, he loves me for me.
He has brought 3 rowdy little welshboys into my life as my stepsons. Even tho I don't see them much obviously, I am blessed to have them in my life. My children, all 4 of them are, Matt, Nat, Jessica and Andrew. I love you guys!

We live in our 1890's home which we're renovating and living in! Oh and did I mention our ghost? LOL well hubbys seen her and I've seen and heard her antics. Incredible stuff I know. We don't mind sharing out space with her, as long as she behaves.

We both love our gardening and have incredible pics to share! That is, if I can figure out how to work this gadget lol.

So thats just a bit of my life. So there you have it. My first post. =)