Monday, November 30, 2009

Be A Man!!

Hey guys..long time no see =)

I worked all weekend and am now Off for a few nights and prepping for my colonoscopy and reading my blogs. Fun huh? LOL. So let me share a funny story,

This was told to me by one of my L&D friends last night. She had a difficult delivery. First the mom was thrashing around so much in her bed that she disconnected her Epidural. Yeah I know I don't get it sometimes. Anyway anesthesia came and replaced her epidural and she tried pushing again. Her words were "Oh cool I don't feel Anything; so yeah I'll push now."


Ok so she does finally push the baby out. Dad is hanging around and taking cell phone photo's but not touching the baby. The mother tries to get him to hold his child; but he won't participate.

Nurse has to recheck baby's vital signs. She does her job, wraps baby up again and walks up to dad.

"Hey dad Be a man and hold your son."

He murmers Ummmm K and takes his baby in his arms.

Nurse tells me later that she was thinking "Omg I did Not just say that out loud!!"

We all told her Good for You!!

I like this nurse. She did good =)