Monday, November 30, 2009

Be A Man!!

Hey guys..long time no see =)

I worked all weekend and am now Off for a few nights and prepping for my colonoscopy and reading my blogs. Fun huh? LOL. So let me share a funny story,

This was told to me by one of my L&D friends last night. She had a difficult delivery. First the mom was thrashing around so much in her bed that she disconnected her Epidural. Yeah I know I don't get it sometimes. Anyway anesthesia came and replaced her epidural and she tried pushing again. Her words were "Oh cool I don't feel Anything; so yeah I'll push now."


Ok so she does finally push the baby out. Dad is hanging around and taking cell phone photo's but not touching the baby. The mother tries to get him to hold his child; but he won't participate.

Nurse has to recheck baby's vital signs. She does her job, wraps baby up again and walks up to dad.

"Hey dad Be a man and hold your son."

He murmers Ummmm K and takes his baby in his arms.

Nurse tells me later that she was thinking "Omg I did Not just say that out loud!!"

We all told her Good for You!!

I like this nurse. She did good =)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blog Decisions..

Well as you can probaby tell I've been mostly blogging about my photography and Not about my babybirthing experiences. But I Love both! So I guess it's time for a second blog; with it being for my photo work. I will keep posting my funny/poignant/sad/interesting baby storys here.

Now..on to designing =)
Thanks for your loyalty!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Website Announced!

Ok guys pleaseee forgive me for being so bad about updating here. I've been on vacation to Wales for almost 2 weeks and before that I was working fevorishly on my Photography website. It was work. Hard work but well worth it I think =)

My plan is to open separate gallerys soon. Right now they're all as one gallery because it was a steep learning curve as it Was to create the site. But I got it now!

So please take a look. And then take another when I've updated the gallery.
I have two weddings and a one year old photoshoot coming up. I'm so excited to share this with you!

And I know I'm about obsessed about the sheep who roam the hills in Wales..but here are a few photo's I took on my vacation. More to come!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I had the Best portrait session Ever with 3 little girls last week. They were darling!! And they loved being in front of the camera..well at least as long as I could keep up with them lol. When I sat them down I got some funny photo's of the eldest girl sticking her tongue out. So natural was def. the way to go =)

I love being there. I had so much FUN! And the best part came when it was time for me to go. The girls asked mom if I could pleaseee stay and have a snack with them. ♥

Friday, July 24, 2009

Leap of Faith!!

Well I finally took the leap.

The leap of faith towards having my own photography business. I signed up with Pictage which is one step I've been talking about doing. I need to build a website too..but that will have to be another day. I'm still up in the air about who to use. Pictage is an Incredible photography site where you can upload your *event* photo's and people can order their work right off the site. I can't wait until I have *events* to put there.

Yeahhh I love these peeps already too! They've been in touch with me and so patient as I asked a zillion questions. And then still sat on the decision. And they didn't give up on me.

Well I just signed up. And I feel honored to be a part of such a Great community of awesome photographers!! I can't wait to dig through all the information they have online for me.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Day!

...will be spent processing Christina's photo's of her and Emma. Of harrassing Audrey to stop thru on her Thelma and Louise roadtrip. Of wondering if she should buy the Totally Rad Actions and waiting for Someone to share their love for them on FB...and finding a chair to use for my photography. Something old..grungy and colorful. So I will be in touch to share =)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Delaware Wedding =)

My very first time to shoot a wedding this past weekend. I was invited to second shoot with a Wonderful and popular Delaware Wedding Photographer. She was most gracious to have me tag along and get some shots with her. It was a beautiful small wedding in a stone church. Hard to get light in; but lovely just the same. I will never forget this first chance. I am looking for more!! Here are some of my photo's =)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Newest Dream ♥

I have caught the bug for photographing people lately. Couples even. And I want very much to learn the art of photographing little peeps. Babys! Yes you're getting it. I want to add Portrait and Wedding photography to my photo skills. But I need practice and I need to build a portfolio. Lucky for me I work with mostly young women. So I asked a few of my work buds if I could take their photo's. They were thrilled to comply. My deal for them is free photo's.
Here are a few from this past week that I wanted to share. =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

White Peonie's

Bought these on the way home from work this am. I had to buy them =)

Check it out here too...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BW Light

Hey guys long time no chat! Well I've been a busy girl with work and researching some new photography paths.
I love my fine art photography and will Never give that up. But someone has actually asked me (*thru looking at my flickr and knowing my friend*) to possibly shoot their wedding in 2010. At first I thought whatttt? Me??
But then I started thinking. I love the photojournalism style of many of todays wedding photogs. And if I were to do weddings it would be My preferred style. So my heart has led me in that direction. I am reading like mad about portrait photography and wedding work and looking for a professional wedding photo to take me under her wing. I've had one lovely person already email me back wanting to meet me and possible "second shoot" with her. So I'm pleased as punch hehe. Sorry but I guess I should say I'm over the moon. Or I'm just tickled pink. Well you get the idea =)

So stayed tuned.

For now; here is a photo that I took that I am especially proud of. I converted it to BW after thinking the tones and variations would really suit it. You tell me!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shop is Open!!

I've been thinking about this for some time; but finally made the decision last week to open a few accounts to sell my photo's. I have become so totally in love with photography and all the wonderful people it has brought into my life. I hope to continue to "kick it up" a notch and enter the professional world of photography. So I wanted to share with you. I hope everyone takes a look. And know that things will change; because I'm still trying to figure out the best way to promote my word and get it out to the masses =) The peeps lol. Plus I have to keep taking time to load up my photo's. It's quite a bit of work so be patient with me =)

My shops are Etsy and Redbubble. At redbubble you can order the print in various forms; ie cards, posters even streached canvas. So I'll see you there =)

Here are the addys..

B L U E ♥

No words really needed here. We went to Longwood Gardens on Friday.
Simply amazing place..

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Sometimes it's very frustrating to work in L&D. I know. You think it's all fluffy and sweet smelling right? Well it's not. Sometimes it is..but unfortionately it's not always.

Last night I had a patient being induced. I got on well with her; but then I do with most all my patients. But I just couldn't help shaking my head everytime I walked out of her room.
She had issues. Major issues. Like being a G7P2 at age 21 for starts. Also a Type1 Diabetic. Major mental problems. And then the medical history went on and on...

But what bothered me..and I hope I don't get blasted for saying this..but what bothered me was this. She is single and has had 7 pregnancys with 7 men. No man was by her side this time either.
Two of her children had died from major medical issues. 2 died because she was in a fight while pregnant. Uhhum you heard me. Then she had anther stillbirth. Then 2 children who were in state custody.

Now here she is pregnant again. 21yrs old.
It just blew my mind. I wanted to share. Hopefully I'll have another sweet and joyous delivery when I go back to work.

I feel better ♥

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Big Fat Babies!!

^^ Click on photo for Larger View
Ok I admit I'm partial. Partial to big fat babies lol. In case you're starting to get insulted..I mean Big Fat Babies! You know the kind I'm talking about. Whewwww.

I had a lovely birth the other day. I took care of a lovely couple for a foley bulb induction. When I returned the next evening she had not progressed beyond 4cms. Aghh. The writing was on the wall. The Dr. came in and they decided together that it just wasn't happening. So the CSection was called. She was exhausted and ok with it. I reassured them as best I could.

When they pulled the baby out I could see already it had a Massive head. Big body came flying out! The baby was a gorgeous boy with long black curls. He was 9lbs15oz. Yeahhh!! I said to mom! "I love your fat baby!!" LOL everyone laughs with me. Then I explain that I love them because my babys were all lil fat things too. So I think they're just cuter.

Oh I don't tell the moms with the little skinny babies that they're Not cute. I just don't tell them my personal fatbabystory =)
It's a horrid day out today. Rainy and damp. Enjoy the rest of your day anyway. Do like me and have some Ben and Jerrys lol.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Vega's Baby!!!

What a wonderful vacation. 4 nights in Vega's! Our first time. We're not gambler's, but not to worry. There is so much to see that we'll go back again. No doubt!
We took a flight and copter ride thru the Grand Canyon. What a thriller! I've never flown in a helicopter before. When I said the the *cough* young pilot that this must be the Best job ever...he said "Oh it's easy". He flew us across the desert floor until he reached the edge of the Grand Canyon. Then...over the edge we went. Wheeee! It was Great!
Then we also took a driving trip through the Valley of Fire. Amazing red rock formations and mountains. Simply amazing. I could of done that every day! The rough floor and jagged walls of the park contain brilliant formations of eroded sandstone and sand dunes more than 150 million years old.

Prehistoric users of the Valley of Fire included the Ancient Pueblo Peoples, also known as the Anasazi, who were farmers from the nearby fertile Moapa Valley. The span of approximate occupation has been dated from 300 B.C. to A.D. 1150. Fine examples of rock art left by these ancient peoples can be found at several sites within the park. These are called Petroglyphs.

Amazing stuff. It's great being on vacation =)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting ready to Work.

Ok well let me preface this by saying I Love my job. For the first time in many years I look forward to what the workday or night rather will bring. This is my dream job.
On the other hand; I love being home with my husband. I've just had a few nights off and it's been a good couple of days. I've got alot of work done on Flickr and around the house. And I've really enjoyed reading thru blogs I've not kept up with. I found a few new friends on Facebook(Yeah Leaca and Gail) and have faved some Incredible photo's.

I was downstairs doing some dishes when I heard geese quaking. Is that what they do? lol. Anyway when I looked out my kitchen window I saw a large flock of Snow Geese on the field right near my home. Well even tho I've captured some terrific photo's of the geese I had to have more. So on went the coat. I thought it was cold but its not. Very warm and blustery. Across the field I tromped. All of a sudden they started honking. Ok that's what they do. Honk*
A white tailed deer darted across in front of me. Yes I got him =)

So this ramble was just to touch base and wish you all a wonderful weekend. Enjoy it. And think of me =)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Textures - My Passion!

As a newbie photographer I am always looking to learn something new. And to determine my style. I am so in love tho with so Many styles I can't say what I love best. Sometimes light and soft. Sometimes hard and gritty. Right now it's all good. But I have been playing with textures lately and I Know this is a style that is sticking with me. I love the..well the Texture texturizing gives my photo's. I have a few "mentors" in flickr who's work has Inspired me greatly.

I just love it!! So here is a taste of my new *cough* style.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Getting backed Up!!

Emma and her Daddy with "Elmo in the Box". I gave Emma a nice stuffie Elmo cause she loves him. But she didn't want to keep him Out of the box lol. Very funny. And we think you're the sweetest babygirl Ever Emma!
Ok I admit it. I'm having trouble keeping up with all the lovely creative things I love to do. Like blogging and posting. I've been bad. Very. I promise I will try to do better. *crosses heart *

Ok so How do I get rid of the spammers that have hit my blog?? Aghhh.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Photoblog 2009

Hey guys. I am still messing around with the production of this site, but here is the launch! I do hope you take a minute and let me know what you think. I will keep tweaking!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Snow Geese

I was in the house yesterday after working; getting ready to lay down. I heard geese flying overhead and when I looked out the window I saw they were the snow geese I was dying to photograph. So Canon in hand I tossed my coat on and out the door I went. I watched them land across the field from my home. (lucky for me) I approached them quietly and took a few shots. When I was satisfied I shouted at them.."fly away". I was ready. Snap! I was pleased.
Click on the photo please =)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Same as it Ever Was...

Ok last night was a fairly calm night. I started off with postoping a csection mom then going into the OR to do a baby. Word was there were conjoined twins born that day but they were 24 weeks and had passed away. Weird thing is I would of loved to have seen them, just for the experience. Does that sound strange? Well it's something you don't see often. But the nurse had just sent them down to the morgue. Poor mommy and daddy. Thats who I really feel for. But at least they had time to adjust to what probably would happen. We had a 36 week IUFD the other night which came out of the blue. One of those horror storys of just not being able to find the heartbeat....sighs.

On a lighter note tho...I have started a photo blog. One where I don't talk. I just post lol. I'm still revising..but will post the link here later. My biggest influence for doing this is this blog...

In my travels looking for inspirational blogs concerning photography I ran across her site and it Blew My Mind! lol ok seriously. Take a look. But the best thing is she is a very nice person. Reachable. Her photo's are just so .. mm .. perfect.
So it snowed a bit today while I slept. I'm back to work in a few hours. I'm up for it! Talk later =)

When you have time to kill..take a look at my flickr acct. It's growing!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bestest Hubby Ever!!!

Yep I thought that would catch your eye! Hubby brought me home a dozen long stem red roses the other day. I asked why and he said .. "just because". I've got alot of messy stuff to deal with lately in RL so I think he was letting me know he understood.
I love him to bits.

Monday, January 19, 2009

"One's art goes as far and as deep as one's love goes."

A new blogger friend here @

Please visit her site and enjoy! It's an awesome blog. She is running a fabulous photo contest which I've just entered.

*crosses fingers*

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Love Thursday!

...We lay there & looked up at the night sky & she told me about stars called blue squares & red swirls & I told her I'd never heard of them. Of course not, she said, the really important stuff they never tell you. You have to imagine it on your own.
Does this do to you what it does to me?
Hope it does =)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dead Head Winter..

Ok so I'm in the same situation as every else I've talked with. It's January and there is virtually no sign of life outside. It's brown. Oh yeah and they its some more brown lol. So as a photographer its easy to fall into a slump. No flowers or pretty things outside to capture.
I think this is the time to look around at home and grab some neat photo's of the things in our lives that we love so much. Little things that make us smile. Collections. You name it!

I have started doing this. Walking around and looking at the small details. Then running for the canon. I think I've caught a few good memories.
It will have to do...Unless it snows tonight like they say lol. *crosses fingers*. Ok so I'm off work until Monday night so "bringgg it Onn!"

I've also decided to start a Photo Blog. I have seen a few that fit the bill for what I want. No words. Just a nice large photo. Black background. I've emailed a few of my photog friends and will step forward with this once I hear back. I'm also going to find a way to take a real photography class. Either at Ritz or possibly online IF I can find one. This is no passing hobby. It's part of who I am. It's what I need to do. You girls with camera's know what I'm talking about...

Here are a few glimpses into the beauty of my life.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Waiting for change..

Yes waiting for change in my life. Those of you who are close to me understand =)

Finally got everything christmasy down and packed away..except for my tree lol. It's Hugggge and I just can't do it until hubs helps me. So there it sits. I find it so sorta sad and nostalgic to take the ornaments off the tree. I'm not sure why. But maybe its just feeling like the magic and wonder that I love about christmas is over...guess I'll have to find wonder in daily things yes?
I try to with my photography. Try to find beauty in the average mundane things. The sun is out today and I think I'll go on a little drive to see what I can find =)

So it's time for a shower, cup of coffee and out I go. Tonight I'm back at work at midnight. Then off for the weekend. Yeahh. This is the reward I get for putting in 12 hr shifts!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My first teacup of my teacup collection. =)
Happy New Year 2009!

Happy New Year 2009

Well dear friends it's here. 2009. Can you believe it? I can't! I'm working at the moment and just got out of the OR for the first birth of my hospital of this new year. Don't know if it was the first of the states..I'll have to investigate that lol.
Went well tho. I've been busy and a bad blogger. For this I promise to do better in 2009!