Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My perspective today. At Shutter Sisters. What a drop dead gorgeous day. Back to work tonight. I've had just beautiful deliverys this past weekend. Lovely uncomplicated smooth labors with primips! And young girls at that! I was so blessed to be there and a part =)
One girl was giving up her baby for adoption to her sister who couldn't have another baby. A first for me. But they all handled it well. The baby was delicious and fat. Just like I like them lol. She was 17 but taught me something. I learn from every mother I care for.
I'm actually excited to go back tonight!
Oh and I finally took time and went for a haircut yesterday. I loved the girl who did my hair. She understood exactly what I said when she asked me how I wanted my hair. I don't fight my hair. It's thick and curly. So I let it be what it wants to be. Nice layered cut hitting my shoulders seems to work well for me. No ponytail tonight!! Have a great evening friends.