Sunday, February 21, 2010

Surprise Birth...Well Sorta!

Ok Just when you think you have it all figured out..someone blows your experience right out the door. You have to stop and remind yourself that even tho you Think you can predict some birth patterns; you really know nothing lol.

My experience this am. Mom was G4P3. Water broke. Came in and was admitted. Spent the night with very few *discernible* contractions. No pit ordered. Doc called. Newp didn't want to use pit because of past Vbac. Ok. So she spent a fairly restful night. Gave her some IV pain medication a few times to make her rest. Oh and I forgot. 1cm.

I give her the pain medicine she has requested.

"Nurse how will you know I've dilated?"
Nurse - "Well I guess I'd have to check you; would you like me to?"

So I examine her and find the baby's head very low. "ooOOoo" and all the proper encouragement that she's made some decent. But wait. I don't wait a minute. No I definitely don't feel any cervix. I'm careful because I feel bad that she is feeling the exam. 98% of my moms have epidurals and you could put both hands in there and she wouldn't feel it lol.

"Nurse does this mean it's too late for my epidural?"
"Yes it's too late. But let me give you the good news. This is as bad as it gets. So you'll do just fine."

I go tell the charge nurse and she gives me a wary eye. "Maybe the cervix is just really thin and the cervix is hiding behind.." Ok so I ask the most experienced nurse who I Swear has worked for 100 yrs to check behind me.
Newp. She doesn't feel it either.

Soooo I call the doc. And I don't start pushing..cause I just have this feeling. You L&D nurses hear me.

She's still very comfortable but feeling some "..pressure". Day shift nurse arrives and checks patient. "Ohh the heads right there!"

yeah no kidding =)
Call for resident standby. Contractions stop while resident waits to catch baby.

Private MD arrives; gets impatient for a contraction to really come and tells mom to push. She pushes 3 times and baby is born.

I left a little late for home. I just had to walk to the charge nurse and say "See I told you she was fully." Hehehe!!

OH and despite the recent administration of the pain medication; the baby is vigorous and crying.

Whew. See you just can't trust a pregnant woman =)


Jessica said...

That's for sure! =)

Peny@eye chart said...

"Whew. See you just can't trust a pregnant woman =)"

Definitely agree. But not just the pregnant woman but also the baby who eagerly wants to see the world, eh. :)

Anonymous said...

What do you mean you can't trust a pregnant woman? This is by no means the norm! I'm a mother of eleven (all all of them natural, one was posterier, one breech), and have seen more incompetent nurses than I care to count, but I'm not going around saying all nurses are idiots. Have you ever given birth? Every woman handles pain differently. Every woman handles pain meds differently. It is infuriating when a nurse assumes that you can't trust a pregnant woman to know what's going on with her own body, just because they've been to school and "seen things". SOME pregnant women can't be trusted. But all?

Nurse and Hospital Stories said...

"Just when you think you have it all figured out..someone blows your experience right out the door."

haha. This is so true especially with us, nurses and even doctors. The human body is a mystery, eh.

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shanthi d said...

Nice post.. Niceneotech

nurse stethoscopes said...

Jody, congrats on the baby! Thanks to your post, I have some understanding on what to expect with my first child. Yikes!