Thursday, March 19, 2009

Big Fat Babies!!

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Ok I admit I'm partial. Partial to big fat babies lol. In case you're starting to get insulted..I mean Big Fat Babies! You know the kind I'm talking about. Whewwww.

I had a lovely birth the other day. I took care of a lovely couple for a foley bulb induction. When I returned the next evening she had not progressed beyond 4cms. Aghh. The writing was on the wall. The Dr. came in and they decided together that it just wasn't happening. So the CSection was called. She was exhausted and ok with it. I reassured them as best I could.

When they pulled the baby out I could see already it had a Massive head. Big body came flying out! The baby was a gorgeous boy with long black curls. He was 9lbs15oz. Yeahhh!! I said to mom! "I love your fat baby!!" LOL everyone laughs with me. Then I explain that I love them because my babys were all lil fat things too. So I think they're just cuter.

Oh I don't tell the moms with the little skinny babies that they're Not cute. I just don't tell them my personal fatbabystory =)
It's a horrid day out today. Rainy and damp. Enjoy the rest of your day anyway. Do like me and have some Ben and Jerrys lol.