Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blurred Frustrationsss!!


Ok I feel better. I guess I'm just thinking that because I haven't taken any formal camera classes that I'm Just missing out on something; ie not understanding it. I Thought I had a handle on this but last night Just proved me wrong..again.

I can't seem to get good Unblurred photo's of people when they're moving. Last night. Christmas Eve. Kids moving!! Blurred photo's =(

Get the image? I also find myself in low light conditions alot and can't seem to work out the settings either. Last night was in a low light living room and just could Not get the settings to work. When I thought I had it....I'd click and the time would just dragggg until the shutter clicked.

Delete. Try again.

So I don't know exactly what advise you can give me; but I'm feeling very discouraged about it today. This is what I know. Low light, open your aperture and bump up your ISO. Shutter speed. Well that still sort of baffles me at times. When I set the shutter speed faster; I end up with a black photo lol.


Ok I swear I'm done grrr'ing. But I still don't understand. So can anyone help a sista out here?

Or tell me where to look it up lol.

Oh and Merry Christmas =)
I'm back to work at midnight so I'll check back in.

Here is a sample of what happens to me in low light. I think its a fun photo; because this little girl cousin was really putting a show on for my camera. But it's a blur.