Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dead Head Winter..

Ok so I'm in the same situation as every else I've talked with. It's January and there is virtually no sign of life outside. It's brown. Oh yeah and they its some more brown lol. So as a photographer its easy to fall into a slump. No flowers or pretty things outside to capture.
I think this is the time to look around at home and grab some neat photo's of the things in our lives that we love so much. Little things that make us smile. Collections. You name it!

I have started doing this. Walking around and looking at the small details. Then running for the canon. I think I've caught a few good memories.
It will have to do...Unless it snows tonight like they say lol. *crosses fingers*. Ok so I'm off work until Monday night so "bringgg it Onn!"

I've also decided to start a Photo Blog. I have seen a few that fit the bill for what I want. No words. Just a nice large photo. Black background. I've emailed a few of my photog friends and will step forward with this once I hear back. I'm also going to find a way to take a real photography class. Either at Ritz or possibly online IF I can find one. This is no passing hobby. It's part of who I am. It's what I need to do. You girls with camera's know what I'm talking about...

Here are a few glimpses into the beauty of my life.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Waiting for change..

Yes waiting for change in my life. Those of you who are close to me understand =)

Finally got everything christmasy down and packed away..except for my tree lol. It's Hugggge and I just can't do it until hubs helps me. So there it sits. I find it so sorta sad and nostalgic to take the ornaments off the tree. I'm not sure why. But maybe its just feeling like the magic and wonder that I love about christmas is over...guess I'll have to find wonder in daily things yes?
I try to with my photography. Try to find beauty in the average mundane things. The sun is out today and I think I'll go on a little drive to see what I can find =)

So it's time for a shower, cup of coffee and out I go. Tonight I'm back at work at midnight. Then off for the weekend. Yeahh. This is the reward I get for putting in 12 hr shifts!