Saturday, August 16, 2008

Artsy Fartsy Me! ~

Now that I'm delving into the Photo world; I've found myself taking photo's of the strangest things! Hubby says.."Why?" I can't explain; except that I find beauty in small things and moments.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Babies having Babies!

I've had a few young girls give birth since I started my new job; but this mom took the cake. 15 years old and not a ounce of good brain matter between her ears. I have to sorta block out my personal feelings and fears when I have a patient like her. I just feel so badly for these little ones going home with such young mothers. Sometimes the grandmothers aren't even much better if you know what I mean..
Oh I educated her about everything. Its just how I do my job. I love explaining whats ahead to prepare "mom" as I believe strongly that Knowledge is Power.
I explained the epidural she was going to get and how it would feel when it was time for her to push the baby out. I showed her how to pull her legs back and push thru her butt.
But this mother only wanted to scream. And scream she did..for my entire 8 hr. shift. I told her how to relax and breath. I even told her I had natural childbirth 4 times and Honest to God you Can give birth without feeling so distressed. But she would have none of it. Even her mother jumped into the drama. Instead of supporting and calming her daughter; she fed into her fear. All I heard from the family members was how awful and long their labors were.
I even took the mother aside and asked her to tell the other women not to talk about their difficult labors; as it was frightening her child.
But I swear. Some women really get off on dramatizing and scaring the bejeapers out of others.
So we had to deal with load moaning and screaming for 8 hrs. From one centimeter to 10. She almost was throwing herself off the bed when it was time to push. And instead of chin down and legs back; she kept pushing away and pulling her legs together. I swear I thought she was going to kick the Dr. in the face! When the baby was born, she showed little maternal instincts towards this lovely little girl. Instead, she spent the next 2 hrs talking on her cell phone to all her girlie friends. "Ewww you should of seen the Icky stuff on my baby" she said....
Shesh. There autta be a law..

Jody's House of Horror's!

Man! I'll tell ya what! You've heard of pet rocks? Well my hubby has a pet Spider!! I'm not kidding you. He's about to be punished Severly for his antics yesterday. I; after laboring and sweating over laboring mothers, come home to the report that he has "fed" the spider living on my house! So I take a walk outside and yeah. He's fed the spider alright. He caught one of those big grasshoppers and Somehow without touching the web, put the hopper so the spider *MONSTER* could catch him.

So remember those white zigzaggy things in the web I talked about? Well I Freakin KNOW what they're for now!! The spider took the hopper and wrapped him tightly in the web! Aghhhh this is getting disgusting even to TYPE! So now the spider has breakfast lunch And dinner for probably weeks. This grasshopper is huge.

So beware before you look at the pics below. This is giving me nightmares!

Ohh and just wait til you read my entry about the mice on the *cough* clothesline. Its coming just as soon as I can steal a few minutes to tell you about that one. It's priceless living here with Tony; trust me LOL!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

We're having a Party~HERE!!

Well if this isn't the coolest idea going; I'll eat my shorts! Ok even better, I'll eat Your shorts lol. But seriously this is Great! I am inviting you to my home for a dinner party! Yeah yeah you're saying. Don't you smell the sauce on the stove? Don't you want a glass of my favorite Mondavi wine to sip? Mmm I think you might want to keep reading even tho this is a long post!

My friend Auds at Barking Mad
came up with this Brilliant idea! It's a way of showing off some of our favorite bloggers and acquiring a few for ourselves too! You are most welcome to play along. What you do is this. Pick 10 of your fav bloggers and list them while sharing what you love about them. Then link your post with the links back to audrey. Soon, it will be a cascading event with us all intertwinning in the Ginormous World Wide Web! So we're going to share who we would Love to invite to our dinner party and why we love thier blogging style so much! I'm excited to share with you my 10 favorite bloggers cause I love what they have to say and I Know you will too! And I'm happy to meet some more. Always!

I've always loved having online friends. Hey I even met my husband online and took him into my real life (RL). So sometimes web buddys become wayyy more. I have friends I've met and kept in RL too. So I feel totally blessed to have these people in my life. It would not of happened if it weren't for the WWWeb.

This blogging has taken my by surprise. I really didn't know or realize how many interesting people there still were left in the world. But I've soon come to find that not only have I met some Awesome Inspiring Women thru my blogging; I know there are lots more just waiting to be found. I love having a place to share and bond with people all over the world. So this Dinner party as I said is Brilliant and I love Auds for thinking of it! Bullocks to anyone who would even Suggest this is anything but divine. My final word.

Now on to my fav bloggies =)

1. Auds. Yeah I know it seems I'm kissing butt. But I'm not.This lady Has to sit at my right side next to the Spaghetti and Meatballs I'm making for our dinner party! I've know Audrey for about 5 or so years now in RL and am just blessed beyond words by her. She is an inspiration and just about the funniest, wackiest, wild woman ever!! I'm serious! Now don't be hatin! Cause I've sat and actually HAD dinner with her LOL! I kid you not. So check her blog out. She shares personal deep moving things and hilirious side tingling things too. She will knock your socks off Seriously. I think you'll see once you start reading here at Auds

2. A Traveling Midwife is an inspiration to me as an L&D nurse because she understands so well my world. She lives it! She's a great baby catcher and I learn by the posts she shares. Gosh this girl is funny. I about LMAO at her post about the docs talking to nurses thru their masks and being unintelligable. Oh and she shares wonderful birth storys too =)

3.As far as Nurse blogs goes, this woman gets My personal award. She's funny, sarcastic (which I loveee) and knowledgable all mixed together. Nurse Ratched is a site you Have to see. Even if you're not into the medicine scene, and who ISN'T, you'll come away chuckling.

4. This girl has Terrific Insight into people and what makes them tick. Jen will take you done a path that you may have avoided or turned away from. She will make you think hard and take a long look at things inside your soul that other people can't see. And you'll be glad you looked. Very glad..

5. You know I am loving learning about photography. Well I can tell you; there are No better photographers Anywhere better than our girls on the net. This woman here at The Inspired Family is constantly teaching me little things about how to get fab pics with my new Canon. She runs a tip top blog with loads of TLC. Just take a look at her gorgeous Desaturated photo's here and here! Oh please dig all around her site =)

6. Now this site is not One woman, but loads. All putting their heads and talents together to give us a top notch photography site! You WILL thank me for this one. Hey I'll even give them my Cherry Cheesecake I am bringing to the dinner party Just for the pleasure of looking thru their camera shots. The girls at Shutter Sisters even have a fab photo- flash necklace coming out soon. This site will take you Weeks to read thru. Yes it's That good!

7. These girls are all good friends of mine in RL and in erm, my WL (web life) too! So I decided to list them here as one. That way I still have a bit of room for a few more lol. So please read at Marlooneys Morology, Fruitpie's and Spice and The Wonderful World of Me. We're all personal friends of Audrey too~~~hehe!

8.Come visit Nicole at Nicole Young Designs for some of the Very best digital scrapbooking kits. She's a part of a wonderful site called I love her work and I love learning more tricks about digital scrapbooking. DO yourself a favor and peek!

9. Well this next blogger is the Only man I'd invite to our dinner party. Why? Well you take a look at his blog called Confessions of a CF husband and tell me YOU wouldn't invite him too!! His heart is almost as big as his head. Hehe I can say that cause he's gone and shaved his head to support his loving wife Tricia in her fight again'st Cancer. Ohh but thats not the first trial they've been thru.His little girl Gwyneth's miracle story will make you grab your babys and hug them till they push you away. This is truly an incredible you have to read. Hey the guy even posts synopsis's for peeps to catch up with lol. Gotta love that!

10. This is a Photography site I cannot live without these days, named Dolcepics. This mom in Clear Simple Understandable Writing and photo's, shows you how to truly capture the moment with your camera. Her photo's are Freakinnnn Incrediblistic!!.I can't say enough sweet things about her. She is a true professional with a heart willing to help. I can't wait for you to see this blog! I'm saving my Jello Fruit Salad for Her!!

So there you go. You're invited. I hope you join in. Have a little fun, go on it won't hurt I promise! I'll make sure I buy enough wine. And I'll toss a few more meatballs in the pot! Come on down~

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hurry Home Elvis!!

Say a little prayer for my baby boy Elvis. We just left him off at the vets
for his needle biopsy. Even the thought of it makes my heart skip a beat. But we need to know if there's something wrong with his thyroid. All labs were clear...but this will give us peace of mind. We'll pick him up later this afternoon.
We just love his sweet little self sooo much.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spider UPDATE!!!!!!!!

Well what can I say here!! I went outside this am to check up on the below mentioned spider. You know. The fricken one on the front of my Freakin HOUSE!! He/she is still lurking. And the web is enlarging Dramatically! There is the Same zigzaggy thing in the web like Auds at

Her hubby apparently sent this via EMAIL or something to ME!!

Why Gareth oh Why!! You know I'm deathly afraid of creepy crawly things.

Next time I see you you're getting a slap about the head trust Me!

So if you look closely, my spider now has a victim. NO wait. It has 2! One it's feasting on, and down below one for tea.

This demon from hell is over 2 inches long! I do have to say my new camera caught she/he very well tho. =)

Monday, August 11, 2008

It's FUN Monday!!

New photo blog I found with some Monday FunfunFuN! Check it out here

I'm posting one of my favorite photo's here. It's my wedding day. Why is it one of my fav photo's? Duhhhh! LOL because it was one of my happiest day, thus far. Hubby is from Wales, so I had the florist put daffidills in my bouquet. I wore a champagne lace dress and had my hair put up all pretty. Hubby bought a nice suit and put his sweetest smile on. We've been married over 4 yrs now with no regrets.

I love this photo =) ...... and I love him!

Patterns of Life?

One of my fav blogs has a challenge up each week. Check it out! This week is "ongoing patterns" or "repetitive patterns". I thought I'd play along. So I dove into my storeroom of photo's and came up with these. Hope you enjoy! Play along too!

And lastly, when I took this pic my family said.."what???"
They just don't it =)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

JUST for Auds to cheer her up =)

Ok so Audrey You should be soooo glad this doesn't live in Your garden.

Hope it doesn't make you go EKKKKKKKKK!! I'm stearing clear of him...shivers.

I hate spiders more than I hate Bee's. And I truly hate those buggers..

Did you say Work?

I know. I'm on vacation right? So why do I keep wondering what's going on at work. Why do I wonder if they're busy..or slow. I wonder if there's been any excitement. Sudden emergencys. Fast births with screaming mothers. I wonder if there's been any Huge babys like last week. I wonder if anyone notices I'm gone...

Weird I know. But I wonder why I wonder. I go back to work tomorrow night. I must love my job lol.