Friday, August 15, 2008

Jody's House of Horror's!

Man! I'll tell ya what! You've heard of pet rocks? Well my hubby has a pet Spider!! I'm not kidding you. He's about to be punished Severly for his antics yesterday. I; after laboring and sweating over laboring mothers, come home to the report that he has "fed" the spider living on my house! So I take a walk outside and yeah. He's fed the spider alright. He caught one of those big grasshoppers and Somehow without touching the web, put the hopper so the spider *MONSTER* could catch him.

So remember those white zigzaggy things in the web I talked about? Well I Freakin KNOW what they're for now!! The spider took the hopper and wrapped him tightly in the web! Aghhhh this is getting disgusting even to TYPE! So now the spider has breakfast lunch And dinner for probably weeks. This grasshopper is huge.

So beware before you look at the pics below. This is giving me nightmares!

Ohh and just wait til you read my entry about the mice on the *cough* clothesline. Its coming just as soon as I can steal a few minutes to tell you about that one. It's priceless living here with Tony; trust me LOL!!


Christina said...

I llike that you can see the yellow on Boris! I'm growing to like Boris- but then again, he isn't on my house!

Jody said...

LOLOL!!! Guess what! The grasshopper is GONE! I guess Boris kicked the "shell" out hehe!

Marlene said...

Lordy. Something told me not to come back here. Did I listen? No.

Is this Anthony's way of getting back at me for putting the thought of a new Canon into your pointy head?!

Jody said...

LOL!! Nooo. He can't argue with me buying my camera. He buys GUNS!
And you Know how much they cost hehe!!

Yeah the spider is growing. I will make sure to let you know when I post his pic again =)