Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BW Light

Hey guys long time no chat! Well I've been a busy girl with work and researching some new photography paths.
I love my fine art photography and will Never give that up. But someone has actually asked me (*thru looking at my flickr and knowing my friend*) to possibly shoot their wedding in 2010. At first I thought whatttt? Me??
But then I started thinking. I love the photojournalism style of many of todays wedding photogs. And if I were to do weddings it would be My preferred style. So my heart has led me in that direction. I am reading like mad about portrait photography and wedding work and looking for a professional wedding photo to take me under her wing. I've had one lovely person already email me back wanting to meet me and possible "second shoot" with her. So I'm pleased as punch hehe. Sorry but I guess I should say I'm over the moon. Or I'm just tickled pink. Well you get the idea =)

So stayed tuned.

For now; here is a photo that I took that I am especially proud of. I converted it to BW after thinking the tones and variations would really suit it. You tell me!