Thursday, April 2, 2009


Sometimes it's very frustrating to work in L&D. I know. You think it's all fluffy and sweet smelling right? Well it's not. Sometimes it is..but unfortionately it's not always.

Last night I had a patient being induced. I got on well with her; but then I do with most all my patients. But I just couldn't help shaking my head everytime I walked out of her room.
She had issues. Major issues. Like being a G7P2 at age 21 for starts. Also a Type1 Diabetic. Major mental problems. And then the medical history went on and on...

But what bothered me..and I hope I don't get blasted for saying this..but what bothered me was this. She is single and has had 7 pregnancys with 7 men. No man was by her side this time either.
Two of her children had died from major medical issues. 2 died because she was in a fight while pregnant. Uhhum you heard me. Then she had anther stillbirth. Then 2 children who were in state custody.

Now here she is pregnant again. 21yrs old.
It just blew my mind. I wanted to share. Hopefully I'll have another sweet and joyous delivery when I go back to work.

I feel better ♥