Thursday, April 2, 2009


Sometimes it's very frustrating to work in L&D. I know. You think it's all fluffy and sweet smelling right? Well it's not. Sometimes it is..but unfortionately it's not always.

Last night I had a patient being induced. I got on well with her; but then I do with most all my patients. But I just couldn't help shaking my head everytime I walked out of her room.
She had issues. Major issues. Like being a G7P2 at age 21 for starts. Also a Type1 Diabetic. Major mental problems. And then the medical history went on and on...

But what bothered me..and I hope I don't get blasted for saying this..but what bothered me was this. She is single and has had 7 pregnancys with 7 men. No man was by her side this time either.
Two of her children had died from major medical issues. 2 died because she was in a fight while pregnant. Uhhum you heard me. Then she had anther stillbirth. Then 2 children who were in state custody.

Now here she is pregnant again. 21yrs old.
It just blew my mind. I wanted to share. Hopefully I'll have another sweet and joyous delivery when I go back to work.

I feel better ♥


Prisca said...

Girl, I sooooo feel your pain! (((HUGS)))

Charleen said...

Ouch! So sad. She sounds like she has definitely been taken advantage of in her short life time. said...

oh my gosh. Crazy women.

Just stumble onto your blog. I like your writing. I really like your disclaimer!

Think I shall enjoy.

Joy said...


I am actually quite speechless. That is a lot of death and sadness so I can understand if she has psychological problems. Oh Lord please keep this baby SAFE!

Samanthavv said...

Wow. That's a lot of times to be pregnant... And a lot of babies not to have as a result of the pregnancies.

Girls like her, are why girls like me have a hard time rising above the stereotype placed on teen moms. Sometimes I think I'm expected to be the same as "every other teen mom" and people get this look of suprise on their face when they find out that both my children are by the same father... and we've been married two years, he's putting me through college, and he works so I can stay home with my daughter and my soon to be born son.


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Eliza said...

Oh this all sounds familier, i've come across people like this here on this side of the pond. i've just found your blog, like it :-)

Anonymous said...

this had become all too common, stories of tenage multips used to be shocking but over the years i see more of thesse girls and wonder if they believe this is all they are good for. so sad, because most of the time theyre not raising these kids, theyre mom or grandma or the state has them.