Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Same as it Ever Was...

Ok last night was a fairly calm night. I started off with postoping a csection mom then going into the OR to do a baby. Word was there were conjoined twins born that day but they were 24 weeks and had passed away. Weird thing is I would of loved to have seen them, just for the experience. Does that sound strange? Well it's something you don't see often. But the nurse had just sent them down to the morgue. Poor mommy and daddy. Thats who I really feel for. But at least they had time to adjust to what probably would happen. We had a 36 week IUFD the other night which came out of the blue. One of those horror storys of just not being able to find the heartbeat....sighs.

On a lighter note tho...I have started a photo blog. One where I don't talk. I just post lol. I'm still revising..but will post the link here later. My biggest influence for doing this is this blog...http://www.durhamtownship.com/

In my travels looking for inspirational blogs concerning photography I ran across her site and it Blew My Mind! lol ok seriously. Take a look. But the best thing is she is a very nice person. Reachable. Her photo's are just so .. mm .. perfect.
So it snowed a bit today while I slept. I'm back to work in a few hours. I'm up for it! Talk later =)

When you have time to kill..take a look at my flickr acct. It's growing!