Friday, October 10, 2008

A Patience Flower..

An abject lesson in patience is the flower outside our doorway

planted when the spring was young watered,

tended, nurtured through the spring, the summer,

into the cooling of fall bursting into a single bloomin

the middle of October just days before frost

will come into our world

Watching over this flower,

waiting for its blooming

wondering what fruit

it will bear all summer long

by Raymond A. Foss

Thursday, October 9, 2008

~Light Nights or Night Lights~

I just love a good sunset. And the evenings here lately have just been spectacular! So I have been snapping and trying to capture the feel of the light thru the trees and off the water. I thought I'd share some before crashing into bed this am lol. I'll be back with L&D storys later I promise!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Au Natural~ Again!

I had a fabulous mom last night who decided to go Natural with her childbirth. I tell ya! There just aren't many women willing to go that extra mile and decline the epidural these days!

They know I like the natural ones..cause its how I birthed my baby's. So I usually get those mommy's. And I love it!

This mom was a first time mother and determined to go without medication. I asked her why and she said she just didn't want a needle stuck in her back; and she was afraid of the side effects of the epidural on her baby. Her dad asked me what his first grandchild felt like when I did the vag exam. He asked for my name again and said he wanted to remember the name of the first person to have her hands (or fingers) on his lovely wee one. I was touched..

Good points mom! Sorry girls. I know its the popular way to birth these days..and I Have been convinced by more than a few that its appropriate for some situation. But I'm not convinced there isn't risk that we don't know I'm thinking that one day they will come out with some facts that will scare the crap out of us. Ok so call me crazy. It's just what I wonder about.

So anyway her labor went wonderfully. She came to me at 1am at 5-6Cm's and was 8-9Cm's by 7am. She sat upright (HF) in the bed and was able to walk around her room and go to the bathroom. She breathed thru her contractions and her family was there to rub her back and encourage her. She was just so IN control it blew my mind! I kept the praise up to her and told her what a wonderful job she was doing. At some point when I told my fav OB resident that the pt. was the poster child for natural childbirth, the resident said.."Oh no You're the poster child lol". She knows about my large chubby baby's =)

I was disappointed to leave this am. I hope she had a fabulous birth this am and I can't wait to see how she did.

Women you CAN DO IT!!!