Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well you nurses know just exactly what an IUFD is. Sigh. But this website I saw at work last night is so moving I just had to share. Beware for non-nurses. This is a website about saving the precious moments by photography when your infant dies in the womb or shortly afterwards. It's very powerful, but made me feel a bit stronger about that aspect of my job. I have to take these photo's myself and this website validates what I have to do.



Boogs said...

A very moving site - one that makes me realise how very lucky I am to have three healthy children.

Thanks for sharing that Joanne. :)

Christina said...

Me too, Joanne. they were beautiful pictures, and moved me to tears.

abritandabit said...

I never should have clicked on that link. The tears, they are a'flowin.

Then I went and read Cheryl Haggard's story and thought back to those very scary days when Gaby was born and in the NICU and we almost lost her...and I thought of that "little room" they place parents in when they have to tell you there is a chance your baby might not make it.

It reminded me how blessed I am. I have sadly been on both sides of this...losing a toddler and almost losing a newborn. And there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not thankful for the four beautiful children I have.

Thanks for sharing that link Joanne.

Kim said...

What an amazing service to families at a very difficult time. Kim