Saturday, July 26, 2008

Down the Shore!

Well I just returned from a lovely day at the beach. Yeah we went "down the shore". Hubbys son is here for a month visit from wales, and so we decided today was the perfect day to go for a swim. What a day!! Sunny with a coolish breeze. I swam myself silly with my boogy board. I love doing that lol. I'm NOT one of those mom types who don't like to get wet but just sit and spray water over thier body. I love the sun sand and sea. Yeah I use sunscreen. Factor 40 on the bod and 70 on the face =)
Then we took a boardwalk stroll, hit the Salt Water Taffy place, stopped in the Boardwalk bookstore and bought a cool novel, then stopped for some yummy pizza.
We're home now and I've washed the seawater out of my hair. Guess we're going food shopping tonight cause they're Nothin in the Fridge!! Soooo I wanted to just share a few pics and drop a note here. Oh we'll have more days at the shore. Its only a little over an hour away from us. And a nice drive.

LOL and we got past the beach patrol peeps without buying a ticket again LOL.
Yeah anther story for another day =)


molly said...

god, they charge you to go on your beaches there....I told ya you lot were bonkers LOL


Amanda said...

Wish I could go down the shore.