Sunday, July 27, 2008

Steep Learning Curve Ahead!!

Well I've been SO dang inspired by some of the photography you guys have shown me here that I took the leap. Story goes like this...

We took hubby's son to buy a laptop to take back to wales. It's like one Third the price to buy one here! I said "Mmm I'm going to have a little look at camera's." This was at Best Buy and Lucky for me I had already tucked a printout of the comment Marlene left me last week concerning buying a serious camera and some recommendations. So the sales boy slinks up to me and asks if I need help! I asked him to tell me about the Canon machines (specifically marls choices) and he did a great job....of selling me the Canon EOS 40D!! It comes with a kickass zoom lens and is HIS personal camera as well. So hubby came over and we discussed the pros's and con's.

Simply said, I walked out of the store with all I need to be a superduper Fantastic picture shooter LOL!!!

Now I'm a little wee bit nervous because I don't know alot about camera's. I just know I love taking great photo's. So I now will begin reading the manual instead of the summer chick book I bought at the beach yesterday!! Guy at the store said you start doing the photo's automatically first, then gradually learn settings.

Soooo in the meanwhile I will search the net for a great Photography site with a message board attached for questions lol.

I can't wait to take my first picture!! Wooooooot!!!

I'm just totally freakin Happy!!!

PS (Hubby said to tell Marlene No More Comments that cost him money LOL!!!)


amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

congrats!!! I am so jealous! Yr gonna love love love taking photos! I have used one of those- they are awesome! yahoo for you!

Jody said...

Yeahhhh I'm glad I caught Hubby on a generous day hehe. Wooot! I can't wait to take it for a ride..

Prisca said...

oh man, i am jealous! let us know how it goes as a beginner. i have been eyeing canons for a long time!

Marlene said...

I've had my eye on that camera for some time now....but have put off buying it because I do have a camera that takes pretty spectacular pics right now.

Joanne, do yourself a favor and take a course on photography if you can. I took an 7 hour course taught by a scrapbooker/photographer, and leaned OODLES of stuff about f stops, white balance, aperture mode, shutter mode, ISO speeds, etc. It all made sense the way she explained it!!

I love to shoot pics in aperture priority mode, with my f stop set at about 2.8! Ask me about it some time! ;)

Oh, and please protect me from Anthony next time I see him....heehee.

AtYourCervix said...

OMG - you are going to LOVE learning the techniques for digital cams! I'm learning, with the use of my manual settings, that I can take some kick-butt pictures!! I have a Fujifilm Finepix S700.

Jumbie Queen said...

As a L&D Nurse... are you familiar with 'Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep'?
My daughter is a photographer that is affiliated with them. They are awesome! Just thought your hospital may be interested.

I am Barking Mad said... is a good site and a fairly easy to use message board. Tam and Bruce should have some ideas as well because ya know, Bruce is like an uber-talented photographer.

That's a nice Canon and a good choice when you don't just want a point and shoot (but it's still got a heft enough price tag at approx. $1200 dollars to guarantee great shots - especially once you learn about fstops, aperature, light settings, ect) but don't need something like a Prosumer type camera - which is my next big purchase, a EOS1D Mark III.

Good luck with it. I think you're going to be really impressed with the quality shots you get.

Auds at Barking Mad

Jody said...

Jumbie! Thanks for posting. And yes OMG I know that site. I'm pretty sure I even blogged about it...sniff sniff Seriously sad but beautiful stuff there!

We take the pics at our hospital...with some peeps being obviously better than others. I do my best...