Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Waiting Game

Sigh. Well you know I had a vet appt. this afternoon with my puddy Elvis. I was hoping he would just tell us that he was Purfectly fine and there was Nothing wrong. Well he does have a lump on the side of his trachea. I thought about it on the drive over..thinking about how the thyroid is wrapped around the trach.

We looked all over the house and couldn't come up with the cat carrier. IF I lent it to someone, it would of been at least a year ago, and I honestly don't remember doing that. But its gone. Weird. So we took a towel and wrapped Elvis up in it while going to the car. He spent the ride over on Dads shoulders. He's Dad's cat you know. Loves Dad and Dad loves him. I'm serious. This cat lives and breaths for his Dad. And visa versa.

So we get to the vets. No dogs or other animals there at the moment. Good! I don't want him even More stressed. The doc comes in and has a feel around. "Yep, thats his thyroid". He says he's taking a blood sample ect ect...but doesn't add anything more to his possible diagnosis. I wait....then I ask.

"Is it possible for it to be a tumor or cancer? Thyroid cancer?"

"Yes yes and yes" he says to me, but says he doesn't want to jump ahead. He will have the blood results by tomorrow or thursday. If they come back normal, then we'll talk about what else to do..IE biopsy or Ultrasound. *sighs*

Ok so now I'm worried as all get out. My baby. My kitty has something wrong. He's only about 5yrs old..just a kid! He shouldn't have any problems at this point in life..should he?

So we do the waiting thing. I called off work even..requested an Emergency day off. I'm just feeling so blah.

Well work just called. They said they can grant me until 11pm off, but I'll have to call back this evening to see if I can have the rest of the night off. So we'll see. I guess at least if I have to go in at 11p I can take a nap and survive it. So far I've 3 hrs sleep. And if the boards emptyish, they'll grant me the rest of the night. No they didn't ask specifically what my "emergency" was. I don't think they can? I just thought it better than calling out "sick". That just felt wrong. But you know, as a nurse you don't get alot of time off like regular people lol. There has to be enough staff to deal with all the patients. So time will tell.

I just hope he's only got a thyroid problem. Please God let it only be a thyroid problem....


Marlene said...

Oh no! I hope poor Elvis is going to be ok. :(

Having just lost a cat to an inoperable temporal-mandibular tumor, I can empathize with the emotions you are feeling right now. I really hope Elvis' case is a simple, treatable one.

Christina said...

I hope that Elvis joins Gemma in the thyroid club, and just has to take some medicine.

Elvis is awesome!