Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LOL'ing AT myself and Loving my Elvis!

LOL. Ok sorry. But I just wanted to say that I'm soo tired that I just accidentally hit the * button and it freakin Published LOL. Yeah I deleted it. Figured it wouldn't really be very interested all alone like that...besides what graphic do you use with it?

LOL ok so sorry, I'm just tickled about it. Getting ready now to lay down and sleep. Hubby called me this am at 6 (which he Never does) to say that Elvis, our lovely kitty pictured has a lump on his neck. Now hubby feels Elvis is losing weight and just isn't himself. He's felt this way for a bit now. But it didn't see dramatic to me. He is eating well and plays when you offer him a string or toy. But I do notice he has not been coming downstairs when we come in the door.

So I just called the Vet and we have an appt. at 1pm. Yeah I know. I worked all night. But my puddy needs me. So I'm off to bed now and then will get up and go to the docs. IF I don't get to lay down again...mmmm well I might have to call off work. I'm NO good or SAFE without sleep. So we'll see....don't tell the boss!

And say a little prayer for Elvis; the sweetest kitty in the whole wide world...


Marlene said...

I hope Elvis will be ok! Please keep me posted.

Prisca said...

*said a little prayer for Elvis*