Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Did ya say you like the Grungy look?"

Hey I'm so tired my arms feel like they've been cut off lol. BUTT.....

Yeah if you read down below about my work; you'd know that I was hoping NOT to have to come in at 11pm because of little sleep yesterday....But, they did need me. And I had a very busy night at work birthing those babies lol.

But I did have a bit of time to read on a fav blog of mine... ie: "Shutter Sisters" about using textures on photo's for an aged look. So I have Not uploaded some photo's I took last evening with my SLR Canon; I do have zillions of pics taken with my small canon point and shoot. These are my Johnny Jump Ups. They sprout without any help every year! Yeah they lay their little seeds down and magically appear each spring. I love em! They are my all time Fav spring flower. Aren't they just adorable? So lemme know what you think about my grungy trials. I messed about with two differant overlays and also ran them thru some filters.

NOW I'm off to bed!! For a nap anyway. Not long. I'm off tonight =)
And I'm dying to read some more into apetures, ISO's and shutter speeds!

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AtYourCervix said...

Pretty! I like the 2nd one best.