Friday, July 25, 2008

Hmm to Share or Not to Share?

....that is the question. As I ponder and write these blog entrys I wonder if I would be as free with my thoughts and thinking and BLOGGING if all my friends, coworkers and family frequented my blog. Now I guess thats what I'm really asking you guys. Do you tell all your email buddys about your blogging escapades? Or do you keep it open to the Blog world and a few close friends.

I write a bit about my work, and so as not to alienate my coworkers; I don't tell them about my blog. I don't think I could be as free with my posting. I would not be able to vent, or say as much as I want to. I would feel as if I was breaking some weird kind of trust or secret society LOL.

Do you understand where I'm coming from??? I wonder...

Maybe it just depends on the type of blog you have? If you only write about yourself, maybe its not an issue. I'd love to hear how you all handle this. And for the time being; I stay somewhat annoymous =)

Please share your thoughts with me!


Marlene said...

I share my blog with my friends & family....and some scrapbooking buddies. Obviously, if I choose to post on your blog with my identity revealed, others may also read it. It's ok....I'm cool with it. I have, however, removed my blog from the "surfing" world, per se. That link up there that allows you to go to the "next blog" doesn't come by my blog site. For me, the purpose of my blog is to share some mild entertainment with those who might mean something to me. To the outside world, it would be boring.

You've gotta do what you think is in your own best interests. If you want others knowing your opinions, then here's your avenue. If you want to be able to be free to say whatever the heck you want to say...then act accordingly.

There are some opinions I have that I'd never post on my blog, simply because I don't want to piss certain people off

AtYourCervix said...

I only shared my blog with one friend at work - a doctor who also blogs. He knows to keep my blog on the down-low with my co-workers.

Nurse Lochia said...

The only person I know that knows I have a blog is my sister. I just don't think I'd be as free in my writing if I knew my co-workers/family/friends were reading.

Jody said...

eXactly! Gosh we censor ourselves enough in life. Why do it here!! Be freeee!

The Triage Queen said...

my co-workers have no idea that I have this blog - it is new though. but i do not plan on sharing with them. i have a personal blog on another server for personal stuff.

kim the midwife said...

After many months of blogging, I decided to let my friends and family know. I was nervous after I did it- when they were actually reading. And I was miffed at those who never took a peek. Go figure! Now I am used to it and write freely as long as it isn't harmful or embarrassing to anyone but me.

Thanks for putting me on your blog!