Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hey what can I say! In my job there are some Flat out Hiliarous moments. Sometimes I wish I just had a little pad in my pocket to write them all down lol. And I don't know if they're funny to Regular peeps or just nurses. We'll see!

CSection at 3am. Tense moments obviously as its a STAT. That being said that means everyone runs around like fiends and the mom gets "cut" (the word commonly used by L&D peeps for Csection).

Fellow nurse is the Circulator. Fellow doc says to fellow nurse, "Erm you need to get me 1000mg of Cytotec".

So now we think we're going in the land of VeeJayJay and inserting said medication to help bleeding stop. At least...thats what she thought!!


Fellow doc says to insert Cytotect PER RECTUM!!! Aghhhh I didn't even Know that was an option! *sigh* Now I know.

And NO it was Not me in that OR. Just so ya know.

Ok fellow nurse is telling us that she had to go under the blue drapes and find the pathway. You get my drift yet? Mom is flat out on her back with a spinal. There is Nooo moving this momma. Sterility Must not be comprised =). Nurse must carefully duck under the sterile drap without touching the docs or the field and INSERT 5 small pills in this moms rectum!! Aghhhhh. This IS going to be my nursing nightmare. I say, "So how did you find *ahem* the back door?"

She said, and I quote, "I found her VJJ and headed south. Pills deposited and I got the hell outta Dodge LOL".

Ok now I'm really curious. I'm even thinking out loud. How the heck?? Hey YOU lay on your back and see if You could insert anything in your buttholian without lifting your hips. LOL go on I dare ya!

Well L*****, all I can say is my hats off to ya. You did it! Super Nurse! Nurse of the day! Etc etc.

I announce that when I go home I'm going to see if I can reach *that place* while laying on my back LOL. I don't think its feasable! No I haven't done it. Yet =)~

Fellow nurse then tops herself off with humor as she keeps referring to herself the rest of the shift to us as "The Sodomizer". LOL!

You gotta love it. I'm back to work tonight for an 8hr shift. I wonder what fun will be shared tonight!


Prisca said...

Yup, we put all our cytotec after delivery up the butt. Usually 800mg does the trick!

Jody said...

LOL prisca. Ok cool. I'm just not looking forward to that trip Under the blue drapes if you follow me =)

I am Barking Mad said...

OMG that's so wrong, but SOOOO funny!

BTW, what exactly is Cytotec for? And having had FOUR sections, would I have gotten it?

Maybe I don't wanna know.

Yeah, ok, I do.


Jody said...

Auds, it was used for bleeding. In hemorhaging it causes the uterus to contract which helps stop the bleeding. I honestly didn't know it could be placed per rectum. I have seen it placed by the cervix after delivery if the moms bleeding too much.

LOL it was one of those funny irreverant moments that we Live for!

Marlene said...

The "sodomizer"!

Jody said...

Ehm I told her it was more professional that A** Raper!!!

Ok now I've gone too far hehe!!

Jess said...

Reading your blog starting in the way beginning. And I'm loving it!

Anyway, I had Cytotec (inserted up the backside) after my vaginal twin delivery. Caught me completely off guard! Especially since I had an IV placed, I'm thinking "why not some pitocin?!"

Glad to know that even L&D nurses are caught off guard with that one!