Sunday, July 20, 2008

Twitter DumbA** here!!

Ok so I'm a bit frustrated. LOL true. I consider myself a bit of a PC geek, and all in a good way. I have been on the net since the net was Born; yet I can't figure out this Twitter stuff. Yeah its cool. I know that much. Yeah its a way to keep in touch with your fellow bloggers. True. But how does it work and what does it DO?? I am pulling my blonde/red hair out here. I even twitted (correct term??) Auds. My buddy. My friend. Well I clicked on something and it said it worked. I truly have no idea lol. Ok so before I give UP this me. Someone. Somewhere. Give a chat sister a virtual hand here. Please. I will forever be in your debt. Figurratively speaking anyhow haha!


Prisca said...

yeah, i have yet to figure twitter out. it looks so fun??? but nope, dont get it. and like you, i have been on the net for 15 yrs. i should get this stuff, right? hm.

Jody said...

Well Prisca, how about this. WHen I or you figure it out; lets clue each other in ok? LOL cool!

bejewell said...

Listen, if I can do it, anyone can. The trick is, the only people who can see what you say are the people who follow you, so start by finding someone you want to follow, and follow them. Start with me, if you want. bejewell. Go to my profile at and then click to follow me. Then follow anyone else I'm following. They'll follow you and before you know it, you've got a little network going. Promise. Email me if you need help. You can doo eet!

abritandabit said...

Jody, it's just exactly as Beej said, the trick is getting people to follow you. for some it takes time. Like me. I don't have many followers.

Take my word for it. I got it back in Feb and it boggled me for a while and it wasn't until MommyPie managed to remind me that I was a true tweet ho at heart that I managed to attempt to figure it out.

Just remember to put the "@" immediately before someone's twitter name, else they won't see it.

It just takes time. See if you can't get Marls and Xtina on it too.


Jody said...

Hey Auds!! Whew I got ya lol. I see how the whole following thing goes. I've even tweeted a few peeps this afternoon and got replys Yeahh! My question is how does it work with Phone or IM? IM as in Windows Live Messanger? I have that! But the phone..wouldn't it just be overwhelming the texts?