Friday, July 25, 2008

Screaming Cervix's and Natural Childbirthing!!!

Well let me tell ya. Last night went by in a flash! I had 3 deliverys during my 8hr shift! And au Natural~

I've actually volenteered to take All or Any of the moms doing the natural route. Because most of my coworkers think they're Umm..more work? I don't know where they get That idea do you? But since its how I had my children I feel good about encouraging moms and helping them "do it".
Of course these moms last night were Not the typical run of the mill "I want to do whats best for my baby" kind of moms. Ohhhh Nooo!! Here is a rundown of their storys.

1. Mom who came into Triage in active labor. NO prenatal care..drug abuser..and you knlow how I feel about That!! She insisted on getting up to the bathroom (some silly nurse actually said Yes to that!) and on the way back to bed started clutching her woohoo and saying "The babys heads coming outttt!!". Well we tossed her on the triage streacher and voila. Baby girl came flying out promptly. Mind you, she was 20yrs old and G5P4!! Meaning this was her 5th baby!!! OMG I kid you Not! Baby is covered in heavy meconium and goes to NICU. Natural Childbirth~

2. Mom came into Triage in full blown labor. Triage nurse called to ask if I could come get her for the floor as transport was slow.She was 1-2cms. So I jump on the elevator and show up. She's really uncomfortable..huffing and blowing and moaning. Luckily the transport boy showed up at the same time I did. I suck at driving streachers LOL. We made it into our L&D room. I checked her. 7-8cms! "OooOOoo" is how she sounded. Yeah you get the picture. Our fav resident was actually sitting at the desk. I looked at her and told her Not to go far lol. Doc was on his way in after I called..but I had little doubt that he would miss his delivery. 4th yr resident shows up and exams pt. Then breaks her bulging bag. You know what happens next. Yip!! 2 pushes and baby boy falls Out! Natural Childbirth~

3. After a small break the charge nurse comes to me and tells me she needs me to go into another room and take the pt. This pt. was G1P0 and a mom who was OFF the HOOK!! Off her head! They had thrown the previous nurse AND the anesthiologist out of the room. The mother hadn't liked their "treatment" of their daughter for some weird reason. Now mind you we have one Anest Doc on to do epidurals. So that signed her papers for a natural delivery lol. I go in, introduce myself and we take a look at her perineum as she's screaming "The babys heads comingggggg!!!" Well she Was right lol. Hair was showing. So the Doc shows up and we push. 5 mins of pushing and this young girl delivers her beautiful baby girl. Really pretty baby. Natural Childbirth.

So needless to say, my night flew. lol.

I Love Natural Childbirth =)


AtYourCervix said...

Gotta love it!! Awesome job :-)

AtYourCervix said...

Where did you find that two hour birthing limit picture? I LOVE IT!! Had to copy it to my hard drive :-)

Jody said...

LOL I just did a yahoo search for images and found it. Yeah I Love it! I might print it up for our work breakroom hehe!

Prisca said...

woowowowow!!!! what a fun night! you sound like an awesome nurse. it also sounds liek you work in a similar hospital enviornment to mine! crazy!