Monday, October 20, 2008

I Love My Bed!!

Well I've had 4 days off.
Which means 4 nights of sleep! I go back in tonight at 7pm and work tonight and tomorrow night. I love some things about working at no management lol.

I love the women I work with. And the more laid back feeling. But I love my bed.

Hubby laughed at me last night as I tucked my feet into my cold sheets. I said.."Mmm I Love my Bed!!". He said "yes you do don't you." Don't know why I said it. Just felt so good. Cold sheets again'st my skin. Window open a bit to let the cold night air in. Somehow it's just about perfection! Working nights makes me appreciate my nights I get to sleep even more.

I love my bed!


Marlene said...

I love my bed, too!!!! :)

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I feel the same way about our bed. Someone gave Cody and I a queen bed, that's really comfortable, especially with the tempurpedic topper. We used to sleep on a full size, I really don't know how we managed that.

Jody said...

Omg wayfaring. We have a tempurpedic mattress on a queen size too!!! Molds to my womanly body lol.