Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Breakthrough Day!

Gosh!! Is it windy where you are? We're in the middle of some weird storm with high gales. I mean the tree's on my property are bending over! I hope they don't break. Esp. my Tree of Life =).

So I've stayed in today and worked on my photo's. I had a bit of post processing breakthrough and I wanted to share a small bit of it with you.

Here is my granddaughter Madilynn without the splotchy baby acne =)

And her darling sister Hailey =)


somethingcheeky said...

So cute!! Don't you love breakthroughs!! Post processing can be so complicated sometimes!!

Stacie said...


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Wonderful! So, what was the breakthrough?!

Jody said...

ahhh LOL. Sorry Wanderer I guess I didn't really say did I!
Well I've used Paintshop Pro for years and years now. But only used what I needed to know on it. I'm struggling to understand and learn Lightroom. So I clicked around on my PSP and found a tool called Clone brush. It's fabulous!! I was able to go over all the inperfections in Madilynns face (baby acne) and make her all smooth. Perfection!

So thats my breakthru. Now on to the next one!!