Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On Vacation here...

..but Still taking a few mins to post here. It's sorta a mini vacation I suppose; being only 4 days long. But considering all I could get Off from work was 6 days..well it is what it is.

We decided to take the trip south to Williamsburg and that's where we spent the day. And it was 100 degrees! But I love the place. And it was full of wonderful gorgeous things to photograph. So, since its late, and everyone wants the lights off; I'll post a few pictures I snapped with my new camera =)

Tomorrow its either the Water park, (which is giNormous) or Busch Gardens. Not sure which yet. I Did note that Busch Gardens is FULL of FREAKIN high rollarcoasters tho *shivers*.

Note-Ok so this lame hotel internet won't Upload my lovely pics. So for now I can't show you. But I will...soon.

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