Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Moron Alert!!

Ok. So it's alright that I'm calling myself a moron. Don't get your knickers in a twist! I messed up BIG time today. But I must have an angel on my shoulder cause...well here's the scoop...

Hubby stepson and I went on a mall trip today. We needed a few things and I knew I could get a pedicure out of the trip too *hehe*.

So off we went. Oh we had a grand ole time walking the mall. We even ate in the food court. Bad stuff I know but yummy just the same.

So I go to my fav Salon in the mall and have a F.A.B. pedicure. Really yummy. The best! For you ladies who have not partaken, let me assure you. Your life will never be the same! Do it! You can thank me later.

We drove home after making another stop at Staples for school supplies. We were almost home when we stopped at the Drugstore for some mouthwash ect. To my horror..my wallet was no where to be found! OMG!! I haven't done it again! Yes friends. This is not my first foray into moron land. I've done this 2 other times, and within a few years. I've been lucky both times. Once we discovered I had left it in the Home Depot on top of air conditioner boxes; and the other time I left it *gasp* on top of the gas tank where you buy and put gas in your car. Yea well I don't pump gas. In my state, they wait on me hand and foot. I just put my window down and hand out the card. Well this time I was in another state. One that makes me get out and get all icky gassy smelling. Dang them! I put it on top to swipe my card and never looked back. That angel was on My shoulder that day too. Because the nice little gas boy saw it and put it in the store safely. Man I thought my heart would beat out of my chest that day. I was fried!! But everything was safe when I drove frantically back that day.

Well this day has a happy ending too. Apparently when I was gathering my shoes and paying, I laid my wallet down on the table and just left it. Nice man who runs the Salon saved it for me. Tucked it safely away. Course he couldn't call me cause my number wasn't in my wallet....but after my Harrowing calls to the Mall's idiot security guard,(another story) he knew I was coming back.


Now I went ahead and cancelled the credit cards that were in my wallet JUST in case; but all looked well. Did I tell you I had the girl/boy dude do my pedicure this time? Long strange story lol.

I deserve a glass of wine tonight doncha think?

Here are my feet after my TLC!


Christina said...

you deserve a bottle of wine! I tend to leave the "cash back" in the machine. I live in moron land too.

Marlene said...

LOL....my heart would be thumpin', too!!

I ONCE left my purse at a fast food restaurant in a city 25 miles away from home YEARS AGO and didn't notice it missing until I had been home an hour. No phone number...no way of checking to see if it was there...but I drove back...in a blinding blizzard, no less.

Miraculously, it was there...on the floor under the table where I sat. I guess the blinding blizzard helped me out that day. No one else was stupid enough to go out in it, which meant no one stole my purse.