Thursday, July 17, 2008


Man I felt a bit peeved last night! I answered a light for a coworker who was not at the desk. I went down and asked the young lady what she needed. "Bathroom". Ok so I unhook her from her devices and head for the door. I hear "Will you get me a drink?" I felt like saying.."what? Do I look like your waitress?". But I said sure I'll bring you apple juice. No Way was I giving out a menu of the various juices ect available to the "MOM" to be. We don't make a habit of catering to the familys. They can sure nuff look out for themselves. Its mom we're looking after.
Anyway, then the "BF" or "Baby Daddy" says "Me too! OH and some ice in cups too". So out I go and get them juice. They're waiting outside the door when I come back. No thank you. No sorry to bother. Nothing.

OH wait.

There was something.

"Can I have a pair of those neat socks you have here with the rubber on the bottom. I like them!".

Need I say more??

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Marlene said...

Good thing I'm not a nurse....I'd have poured the juice & ice cubes right over their heads. Then, I would have been fired. That would not be good. No.