Sunday, July 13, 2008

Baby Poems?

Ok this might sound Reallyy dumb to some here, but its rolling around in my head. I would like to make a very small "gift" to give to the moms who I deliver. Not anything that would cost bucks, but something thoughtful and something for her to keep. I was thinking of just a short poem about babys and how lovely sweet wonderful ect ect they are. I could laminate it and give it to mom after the birth. I could sign it in handwriting at the bottom, "From Joanne, your nurse".
Does that just sound stupid tho? I get very connected to moms many times (not all tho believe me) and feel almost a part of the whole celebration of birth. I'd like some little remembrance like this to give them before they do their time in recovery and leave for the floor.
Anyone have any ideas? Poems? Or am I just getting TOoooo involved ?


molly said...

I think it's a wonderful idea, heres one I liked:


abritandabit said...

I actually think that's a great idea!

I am not poetic in the least, so I'm not help there, but I really liked the one that Molly linked to.

What a neat idea Joanne!

Nene said...

I think this is such a fabulous idea I might have to just "borrow" it from you if No, WHEN, I start my L&D "career" which hopefully will be very soon!! Let us know how it goes/went over! Im new to your blog, BTW, and am slowly meandering thru your archives. I've enjoyed everything so far and added you to my "blogroll" on my yet "unblogged" blog