Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Yep. Exhausted. I'm not this tired when I'm working!! Decorating the house has taken all my energy. Good thing I don't go back to work until tomorrow night lol. Whew~

Anyway just wanted to share a moment I had at work the other night that made me think "That's why I love nursing!"

Patients baby had been having decels all night. We all watch the "icky" strips at the desk even if they aren't ours. And all night we were saying.."now That's ugly!" concerning this one strip. Doc was on site and doing all kinds of interventions. Nothing was working. We all knew she probably was going to get "cut". And we were all sitting there when the call light went off and we heard "Call a STAT Csection" when the clerk said "can I help you?". I think most of us got up and sprinted to the room.

There is always alot going on Especially when the section is called stat. No time to waste. So as I helped in the room I noticed the two grandmothers-to-be in the corner. They were holding each other and crying.
"It's going to be alright!" I said to them even tho this was the first time I'd seen them. I sure hoped it would be alright but you never know. But I could see the fear and somehow I just felt it Was going to be alright. As I helped get the girl to the OR I thought more about those mothers. I felt for them...so I went back to her room. They were still there holding onto each other. I told them where they could wait and then reassured them that their baby would come into the world in probably 15 minutes or less. Then I told them that I would peek into the OR and come out and tell them when he was born. "Ohhh thank youuuuu!!!" they both said in chorus.
I didn't have a patient at that moment so I was free. I tossed on a cap and mask and headed for OR#1.

As I stepped inside I could see them pulling the little guy out. It's such a surreal thing to see doctors fish baby's out of abdomens. I still am so amazed by the skill. He was limp and not very responsive; but the Ped team quickly got him stimulated and with a little blowby O2 he started crying loudly. We all breathed a sigh of relief.

I headed out the door and down the hall. There in the waiting room were the grandmothers. Not grandmothers to BE but real grandma's!

"He's born"!

I shouted as I walked towards them. They jumped to their feet shouting and running for me. They both were crying but now it was tears of joy. I almost started crying with them lol. "Ohhh thank you nurse..." they both said. "Oh no problem; I understand; I'm a grandmother too" I said to them. You should of seen the looks of relief on their faces. I felt so good to be the bearer of great news. And I thought as I walked away...this is why I love being a nurse =)


molly said...

ahhh I remember those days, your'e right, helping others to get through is certainly a beautiful feeling:)

somethingcheeky said...

What a wonderful nurse! It's always so nice to have someone to just tell you ANYTHING when you are not the person in control of the situation! Good for you for helping those grandmas out!

Marlene said...

You brought tears to my eyes with this story, Joanne.

Suz said...

Wow. We could have so used you as my husband sat in the waiting room completely alone for a long, long time as our twins were born by emergency c-section, not knowing if anyone was okay or not. Never underestimate the difference that you make!!

Jody said...

Suz; wish I Could have been =)
I actually sometimes get critized for "going the extra mile". But its what I do and will continue to do!
Hope the twins are ok! Got some pics?

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