Friday, November 28, 2008

Post Thanksgiving Leftovers

Man! My fridge is Stuffed and I swear I am too lol. I can remember years ago I could eat my Thanksgiving dinner and have a turkey sandwich in the evening. Not anymore! I literally fell into bed last night. Stuffed. Full. Done!

So now you know what we're having for supper tonight. But first we're going to the movies this afternoon to see Australia. See you later *urp*


Prisca said...

How was the movie?

Jody said...

Ohh I loved it! It had gorgeous scenery and a great love story. Plus it was full of excitement.

OH and did I mention Hugh Jackman was in it LOL. Wow is all I'll say. Go see it!

Marlene said...

LOL...that is one full fridge.