Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Becoming a Family

Ok hey guys. Just thought I'd pop on here while on my break. My patient, bless her heart is about 8cms last check and laboring down nicely. It's their first baby and they are just so excited. She started laboring this am, came to our triage twice and got sent home lol. Poor girl! Finally tho its her time. This is a really nice couple. You know the kind; really nice to tend to.

I would sound all Hallmarkish if I tried to put into words how I feel about my job now. Oh well. Here goes. I feel as if it is a priviledge to help wee babys into the world. To be there with the couple explaining and teaching constantly to ease their fears. To put my hands on that new life seconds after its first breath. When my patients thank me for "all I've done"; I always tell them that too. That it was as much My honor also. This new job is so rewarding for me. I hope I always have this fervor.

I'll let you know how it all goes! Did I say how much I love my job! =)


Marlene said...

It's wonderful when you love your job! I would imagine that your field of work would be very rewarding!

Jody said...

LOL you awake already? Wow!

Boy. 8lbs 11oz. Dad cried. Love it!

molly said...

I enjoyed L&D too, not as much as ER tho, where I loved the pace and "surprises" that would come in the door lol

It's great you are enjoying it girl, it's just wonderful to be able to wake up and want to go to work!


Nicole Young said...

Hey Jody, saw your question about the slide on my blog. When you make one, under customize your design, there is a tab for size, one of the choices is vertical in there :) Hope that helps

Marlene said...

I did not post that message at 5:17 a.m......more like 8:17 a.m. Somehow, the clock is off by 3 hours. ;) I didn't want you to think I was THAT early a riser....cuz I'm not. Really.

AtYourCervix said...

Working with new parents and new babies, and welcoming them into this world, is an AWESOME JOB!!