Sunday, February 21, 2010

Surprise Birth...Well Sorta!

Ok Just when you think you have it all figured out..someone blows your experience right out the door. You have to stop and remind yourself that even tho you Think you can predict some birth patterns; you really know nothing lol.

My experience this am. Mom was G4P3. Water broke. Came in and was admitted. Spent the night with very few *discernible* contractions. No pit ordered. Doc called. Newp didn't want to use pit because of past Vbac. Ok. So she spent a fairly restful night. Gave her some IV pain medication a few times to make her rest. Oh and I forgot. 1cm.

I give her the pain medicine she has requested.

"Nurse how will you know I've dilated?"
Nurse - "Well I guess I'd have to check you; would you like me to?"

So I examine her and find the baby's head very low. "ooOOoo" and all the proper encouragement that she's made some decent. But wait. I don't wait a minute. No I definitely don't feel any cervix. I'm careful because I feel bad that she is feeling the exam. 98% of my moms have epidurals and you could put both hands in there and she wouldn't feel it lol.

"Nurse does this mean it's too late for my epidural?"
"Yes it's too late. But let me give you the good news. This is as bad as it gets. So you'll do just fine."

I go tell the charge nurse and she gives me a wary eye. "Maybe the cervix is just really thin and the cervix is hiding behind.." Ok so I ask the most experienced nurse who I Swear has worked for 100 yrs to check behind me.
Newp. She doesn't feel it either.

Soooo I call the doc. And I don't start pushing..cause I just have this feeling. You L&D nurses hear me.

She's still very comfortable but feeling some "..pressure". Day shift nurse arrives and checks patient. "Ohh the heads right there!"

yeah no kidding =)
Call for resident standby. Contractions stop while resident waits to catch baby.

Private MD arrives; gets impatient for a contraction to really come and tells mom to push. She pushes 3 times and baby is born.

I left a little late for home. I just had to walk to the charge nurse and say "See I told you she was fully." Hehehe!!

OH and despite the recent administration of the pain medication; the baby is vigorous and crying.

Whew. See you just can't trust a pregnant woman =)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Be A Man!!

Hey guys..long time no see =)

I worked all weekend and am now Off for a few nights and prepping for my colonoscopy and reading my blogs. Fun huh? LOL. So let me share a funny story,

This was told to me by one of my L&D friends last night. She had a difficult delivery. First the mom was thrashing around so much in her bed that she disconnected her Epidural. Yeah I know I don't get it sometimes. Anyway anesthesia came and replaced her epidural and she tried pushing again. Her words were "Oh cool I don't feel Anything; so yeah I'll push now."


Ok so she does finally push the baby out. Dad is hanging around and taking cell phone photo's but not touching the baby. The mother tries to get him to hold his child; but he won't participate.

Nurse has to recheck baby's vital signs. She does her job, wraps baby up again and walks up to dad.

"Hey dad Be a man and hold your son."

He murmers Ummmm K and takes his baby in his arms.

Nurse tells me later that she was thinking "Omg I did Not just say that out loud!!"

We all told her Good for You!!

I like this nurse. She did good =)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blog Decisions..

Well as you can probaby tell I've been mostly blogging about my photography and Not about my babybirthing experiences. But I Love both! So I guess it's time for a second blog; with it being for my photo work. I will keep posting my funny/poignant/sad/interesting baby storys here.

Now..on to designing =)
Thanks for your loyalty!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Website Announced!

Ok guys pleaseee forgive me for being so bad about updating here. I've been on vacation to Wales for almost 2 weeks and before that I was working fevorishly on my Photography website. It was work. Hard work but well worth it I think =)

My plan is to open separate gallerys soon. Right now they're all as one gallery because it was a steep learning curve as it Was to create the site. But I got it now!

So please take a look. And then take another when I've updated the gallery.
I have two weddings and a one year old photoshoot coming up. I'm so excited to share this with you!

And I know I'm about obsessed about the sheep who roam the hills in Wales..but here are a few photo's I took on my vacation. More to come!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I had the Best portrait session Ever with 3 little girls last week. They were darling!! And they loved being in front of the camera..well at least as long as I could keep up with them lol. When I sat them down I got some funny photo's of the eldest girl sticking her tongue out. So natural was def. the way to go =)

I love being there. I had so much FUN! And the best part came when it was time for me to go. The girls asked mom if I could pleaseee stay and have a snack with them. ♥

Friday, July 24, 2009

Leap of Faith!!

Well I finally took the leap.

The leap of faith towards having my own photography business. I signed up with Pictage which is one step I've been talking about doing. I need to build a website too..but that will have to be another day. I'm still up in the air about who to use. Pictage is an Incredible photography site where you can upload your *event* photo's and people can order their work right off the site. I can't wait until I have *events* to put there.

Yeahhh I love these peeps already too! They've been in touch with me and so patient as I asked a zillion questions. And then still sat on the decision. And they didn't give up on me.

Well I just signed up. And I feel honored to be a part of such a Great community of awesome photographers!! I can't wait to dig through all the information they have online for me.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Day!

...will be spent processing Christina's photo's of her and Emma. Of harrassing Audrey to stop thru on her Thelma and Louise roadtrip. Of wondering if she should buy the Totally Rad Actions and waiting for Someone to share their love for them on FB...and finding a chair to use for my photography. Something old..grungy and colorful. So I will be in touch to share =)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Delaware Wedding =)

My very first time to shoot a wedding this past weekend. I was invited to second shoot with a Wonderful and popular Delaware Wedding Photographer. She was most gracious to have me tag along and get some shots with her. It was a beautiful small wedding in a stone church. Hard to get light in; but lovely just the same. I will never forget this first chance. I am looking for more!! Here are some of my photo's =)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Newest Dream ♥

I have caught the bug for photographing people lately. Couples even. And I want very much to learn the art of photographing little peeps. Babys! Yes you're getting it. I want to add Portrait and Wedding photography to my photo skills. But I need practice and I need to build a portfolio. Lucky for me I work with mostly young women. So I asked a few of my work buds if I could take their photo's. They were thrilled to comply. My deal for them is free photo's.
Here are a few from this past week that I wanted to share. =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

White Peonie's

Bought these on the way home from work this am. I had to buy them =)

Check it out here too...